I am gonna be very honest with you.. i havent been able to write in a while coz I am busy and going through some tough times. It’s mentally, emotionally and physically overwhelming. And as a result I am finding myself unhappy sometimes.

And because I want to try and not feel unhappy I have decided to analyse my feelings and write them not only on the hopes of making you feel better but kinda to make my self feel better too.
And I hope by the end of this, we all can smile together.

Are you ready?? it’s honesty hour. Let’s go.

Expect to control people and situations.. i find myself expecting people to do certain things for me. But what I truly need to remember even though it’s really hard to accept is that we will never be able to control people and certain situations.
I mean let’s be real.. if you could control people you would be dating your celebrity crush and living on a yacht . Are you living on a yacht.. I don’t think so.. and if you really are then…… why you reading this???? Go play on your Iphone X. #lol

The reality is you will never control people and situations no matter how hard you try and it’s okay to have expectations of people and if you have expectations people will not always full fill them and there is nothing you can do about it. The only thing you will ever be able to control in this world is how you react. So make sure your react game is on point.

The next thing we do is compare our selves to others.. And specially in today’s day and age this is the fault of social media coz it’s so easy to go through Facebook and envy everybody else but what you need to remember is that we as humans have the tendency to compare peoples “high-light reel” to our “blooper-reel”
No one’s life is as wonderful as it seems on social media and how do I know this. Coz my life is not nearly as wonderful as my Instagram makes it seem. I know I put 3 filters on my pics and so do you and so does everybody else.
Everyone has their own path coz everyone is different. And in a world where there are 7 billion people it’s stupid to think that everyone’s gonna get from A to B while using the same road. It’s just not gonna happen and not to mention there are a lot of people not even trying to get to B. They are chilling over there at W. Look how many people are on this planet and everyone is so different where it doesn’t even make sense to compare each other.

I suck at somethings and I am good at somethings…you suck at something and you are good at somethings. This is everyone’s story. #realtalk

The next thing we all do is view mistakes and hard times negatively.

Okay.. here’s a scenario.. how do you know when not to touch the stove when it’s hot.. a) may be your parents warned you not to. b) going back to (a) but you did it anyway and burnt your self and now you know if you touch it… it’s gonna hurt. But how would you know that if you dint burn yourself in the first place. As humans we learn through mistakes.

How do you know how to walk??? when you were a toddler you fell on your butt a couple hundred times. Now that concept doesnt change over time from the moment you were born to the moment you will die.

You will always learn things coz you messed things up.. or someone hurt you.. you don’t believe me. Okay!! Just look back into your life and think about every lesson you ever learned. I can guarantee that the lesson is founded over a strong mistake that you did or a heart ache or a bunch of other sad things.
If you have learned how to be positive because at once you were negative.

So when you make a mistake,you fail or are heart broken… yea cry be sad about it. That’s okay. But also be 10% happy coz this is going to teach you something amazing that will help you in the future. There is always a huge silver linning to everything.

In all the chaos of life and mess we tend to forget our closest friend. And who is our closest friend…’I..Me..Myself’

Now the way I see it.. people are wonderful. People are like the cherries on top of the already delicious sundae. They are bonus. But the person you should be relying the most in your life is YOU. Why you ask??? Simply because no one knows you better than you know your self. No one can read your mind. No one knows your greatest fears. No one can hear all the little voices in your head. And for that reason no one can be a better friend to you then you. It’s Important to talk to yourself.. love yourself. Be your own friend. Be on the same page as your self. Have your own back. Coz no matter how popular you are in your work place or your friends circle or your family.. But at some point in your life you will find your self alone in a room feeling super lonely and It’s in your best interest to be friends with the only person in that room.😉

With Love and Peace


2 thoughts on “Reflection!!

  1. This is such an important post. I understand if you’re going through tough times mentally and physically – I think we’ve all been there at least one point in our lives (so far!). One thing I can say is that everything happens for a reason. You just need to trust in that reason. You need to have faith (I’m also lecturing myself here lol).
    You need to remind yourself again and again “everything happens for a reason” and that reason may very well be the silver lining to whatever is bogging you down. It’s hard to see past the curve in the road, and to anticipate what will happen next, and when things get rocky it’s always hard not to let that drag you down.
    I would disagree on one thing with you there. The closest friend should be Allah, because He is always watching us, it is He we pray to, and it is only He who can change things. Praying in tough times always makes me feel a thousand times better, and a thousand times lighter. Making duaa helps to release the burden pressing onto my chest, because I know my future is in the hands of Him. All I need to do is have faith, and keep believing, and keep praying, and keep trusting in Him.
    I know it’s hard. Something happened this summer to me that absolutely shattered my entire spectrum on my life so far. At first I was too shocked, and then devastated. It took a while for it to heal, and boy, did it sting. But with time comes understanding and healing. At first I felt resentment, so much resentment! I couldn’t keep it back. Now I’ve begun to realise the silver lining, and begun to realise the significance of patience. It’s so hard to keep focused on it at the time, and it’s so hard to keep faith, but I believe it’s worth it in the end!
    In life, everyone is struggling, but and I feel like everyone is tested the same amount, but in different ways and forms. For example, your test might be to carry one chair, and my test might be to carry two chairs, but it would be the same because I found it just as hard to carry two chairs than it took you to carry one! Do you get what I’m saying? I always remind myself this when I struggle with comparing myself to others.
    I hope this might have helped you a little bit! You’re not alone in your struggles! 🙂 ❤


    • Ofcourse I agree with you. To Allah we should ask and pray and depend on. My point of saying that we need to be our own friend is to remind myself that not to rely on anyone else but on yourself. The strength and patience that Allah has given us is enough. We don’t need to wait for others.
      JazakAllah khair. I am much better now… But please do keep me in your prayers

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