What will people say?!?!

Have your dreams ever been shattered?? Were you stopped from studying your fav subject?? Were you forced into engineering, medical or accounting as carreers?

If yes.. Congratulations👏🎊🎉… you have been a victim of ‘ What will people say?’ 🤣

This sentence has killed more dreams than anything else in this world. #fact

First of all… Who are these people?? Where do they come from??? And why are they so interested in my life??

“Omg.. did you see these girls.. they are in their 20s and 30s and Not yet married.” *tsk tsk*
“Who will marry them now??”

If you grew up in an Asian household, you must have heard some kind of variant of “what will people say?” at least once in your life.

Maybe when you decided to pursue Fashion? Or the time you decided to go abroad for grad school? Or the time you told your parents you didn’t want to get married any time soon?

People are more worried about what others think. They feel their reputations rest on others’ opinions of the women folk in their family.

Yes, honour rests wholly on the shoulders of wives and daughters. So they must live their lives being careful that no person has a negative opinion about them. It’s an invisible prison made of strangers’ character evaluations of you.

Can you imagine living your life being told you must bend and sneeze and walk and please according to the whims of others? Maybe a lot of us can…

BUT I am done with it.

I propose a radical change in the usage of this much despised phrase.

Make this world a place where chasing your dreams doesn’t raise eyebrows, but holding back someone from doing so does. Where being yourself is no one’s concern, but hindering someone from being their true self is. Where the people as a collective, look out for each other’s well being instead of weighing them down with the chains of societal norms and expectations.

It’s your life ,don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way.

We have to come to a realisation that we cannot make everyone happy. We ain’t a jar of Nutella!! 😜

With Love & Peace
– Asma


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