The perception of Islam, at times, is painfully distorted. Sometimes, a selective and unfamiliar aspect of a particular Muslim country’s social behaviour is projected as if it were a universally practiced tradition of Islam.

Islam isn’t reserved for the pious. For those who pray, fast and donate. For those who outwardly comply with what a Muslim “should” look like. It’s for the broken too. For the sinners. For the drinkers. For the smokers. For the lost. For those waiting to be found. It’s for every single human soul waiting for a way out of their despair. Don’t make this religion secluded to the self righteous, when in reality it’s open house for anyone seeking to find themselves and Allah.

I wish it was easy to make people understand that Islam is not about halal vs haram, it’s a way of life that revolves around goodness of the heart and having pure intentions. And our mission in life as muslims is not solely to put a hijab on and pray 5 times a day but to simply be kind righteous people who spread peace, forgiveness, love, justice where ever we are.

With Love & Peace


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