Morning Routine!!

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to my summer 2018 morning routine. πŸ™‚

So 1st thing I do is wake up in a PANIC COZ MY ALARM IS SO DAMN LOUD. ⏰

Press snooze.. do it again! Press snooze do it again! Press it again! Press snooze…do it again! Press it again!

Pressing snooze 15 times followed by 10 mins of lying in bed thinking of how tired I am another 5 of thinking about how to get mega rich in 3 days.. #lol #truestory

Convince myself I can do things faster. Doing fast maths in my head like it’s gonna take me 7 mins to get dressed and get out and 10 mins to reach work. Perfect!!! I can sleep more. πŸ€—

Think to myself I don’t even need to do other things. Like I don’t need to do make up…I can go with the all natural look.πŸ˜€

Then panic more coz holy crap..i really need to wake up..andddddd…..sleep for 5 for mins… Tell myself.. Yes… just these 5 mins.. and then….i don’t know how but some Harry potter shit happens and it’s 7 am and i am late.

Finally i get up.. brush.. just enough.. wash my face.. do other morning thingsπŸ˜›

Try to do literally anything with my hair coz it’s just gonna end up in a bun with layers of fabric #hijablife

Promise myself to take better care of my hair… **spoileralert** I won’t. #greaseballforlife

Open my closet full of clothes and still think to myself I don’t have anything to wear.

Look at the time. Panic some more and literally grab anything which doesn’t need ironing and hope for the best.

Moisturize only exposed areas (face,hands,feet)😜

Look at the time again.. oh crap…no time for make up.. so just put a lip gloss to bring my look together πŸ’„πŸ€—

Notice my zits and promise myself to drink more water today. **spoileralert** I won’t. #fail

Look myself in the Mirror and think I look kinda cute for a few seconds so i try to take an #Ootd but then I remember….my mirror is too dirty and also…..I actually don’t look that great. 😣

Suddenly i get anxiety and think of irrational things completely out of my control. ‘What if nobody likes me’ wait.. ‘am I ugly?’ ‘ do people talk about me behind my back?’…..

I try to change that with self positive thoughts. ‘You are a strong independent woman. You are (eyes meet the clock) Lateeee…..’ Rush out of my house.

Come back coz I forgot to take breakfast. Grab a banana and think that will do..

Run to your car.. get stuck in traffic.. reach at work dot 8:00 am #nailedit

With Love and Peace
– Asma


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