The struggle is real!!

You know once in a while I have this tendency to buy a whole bunch of crap I don’t need. Because it makes me feel freaking fantastic. It makes me fill a void…

So hello… hi.. how are you? My name is Asma and I am a shopohollic. 👏👏

And I am hoping that a lot of you are shopoholics as well. Coz it’s not fun to be unhealthy alone, We are friends and what’s the number 1 rule of friendship. If I am unhealthy and make bad decisions what you gonna do give me good advise?? *shhmpth* What is this an episode of Full house!! Noo you make worse decisions and we cry together. #lol #bffsforlife

So I just came across this on insta that It’s called a mall coz instead of going to 1 store you are going to “them all”. *mind =blown * #lol love how internet never fails.

So i am walking down the store and i got an armful of 40 items. Like a few tops a few sweaters a few jeans and by a few jeans I mean all the jeans. #duh

Because let’s be real everybody tries out 5 different sizes of exact same jeans. Jeans got so many elements these days we just don’t have a choice.

Low rise, high rise, mid rise, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans. Are these jeans or tidal waves or relationships… what’s going on here..??

Anyway So i walk into the changing rooms with my “40 items” and here is issue number 1.

Sales lady:Ma’am the limit is 6 items only.

Me: sorry what? Oh yea I have like 27.

Sales lady: you can take in 6 items and leave the rest here.

Me: hmm.. I am gonna need all 27.

Sales lady: sorry maam you can’t do that.

Me: No No I am sorry okay. You don’t understand….I am not just holding clothes. I am holding outfits. I am holding creations I have assembled in my mind. I need to try on this sweater with this pair of jeans with this top underneath to make it modest with this scarf and with this pair of shoes with this necklace and with these pair of glasses with this backpack. And you are telling me that there is a limit of only “6 items” No. I don’t accept that.You are making me fail.

In all that argument my scarf acts like a third person and doesn’t stay in place so I drop everything & fix my hijab but it’s so funny because the sales lady is either completely amazed and is staring at me the whole time and the other sales lady quickly looks away as if she has seen some things she shoudnt have. #lol

Sigh. After loosing that battle. I go to the change rooms and here comes issue number 2.

Coz y’all have those curtains that close the change rooms and not the door. Because you think you “FANCY”.

But what you fail to realise is that those curtains never close properly and they are so heavy and big. I am trying to use my force and momentum like back and forth to change this damn thing. But every single time there is that crack that exposes me. 😣

The point of having a change room is so that we get some privacy . But if you up here exposing me. That defeats the purpose.

So now I got to live on the corner of the change room like a kid on time out.😢

Okay i know what you are thinking. Yes.. Sometimes the change room does have a door.

But what you don’t realise is that presents another issue coz the door is so high of the ground. Now my whole lower body is exposed. #Sameproblem

Now i can’t even throw your clothes on the floor after I am done trying them on.
My entire lower half is being judged. 😒 #rudemuch

What if I drop something and now have to pick it up.. now everything is exposed. I am short. Like how is this suppose to work for people who aren’t tall. Not everyone is tall. I ain’t no Kendal Jenner. #discrimination

Sigh…Now we move on to issue number 3.. ughhh….all the restrictions.

So I went to H&M and I wanted my sister to come with me to the change rooms and they were like “No” She cannot come with you.

I was like what the hell. What if I need help. I am all up in this change room trying to zip up a dress and I can’t do it.

Like you really think I am going to steal something with my sister. Like I understand your concern but let me be real for a second.

You already counted all my 6 items and now you have that information everywhere. You gave me a lil tab that says 6. You put a 6 on the door. You put a 6 on my hanger. You put a 6 on your clip board. Like CALM DOWN!

I am just here satisfying my addiction! #Shopohollicproblems

With Love & Peace


2 thoughts on “The struggle is real!!

  1. I once got stuck in a top in H&M changing room, It had been snug going over my shoulders but not impossible- I think when I decided I didn’t like it is shrunk 2 sizes and refused to be removed. I wished I had a friend with me to help me out, instead I broke out into an intense sweat which made it even harder to get the damn thing off of me. The horror of calling a member of staff to help was not an option so 20 minutes later I managed somehow(perhaps breaking a seam) to get free! I was mortified! Shopping problems are very real!

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