Women’s pockets!!

“’When you say you’ve got the Cloak, and clothes…’ said Harry, frowning at Hermione, who was carrying nothing except her small beaded handbag, in which she was now rummaging. ‘Yes, they’re here,’ said Hermione, and to Harry and Ron’s utter astonishment, she pulled out a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, some maroon socks, and finally the silvery Invisibility Cloak… She gave the fragile-looking bag a little shake and it echoed like a cargo hold as a number of heavy objects rolled around inside it.”

If Hermione Granger was a boy, she would’ve lazily pulled out Harry and Ron’s clothes from the bottomless pit that her jeans pocket would’ve been in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. But by virtue of being a woman, she had to enchant a purse with an Undetectable Extension Charm instead. For us muggles it’s even more frustrating when we have to make do with tiny pockets that barely fit keys, or worse still, FAKE POKECTS!!

I want pockets. I want to put my phone in my pockets. I want to put my keys in my pockets. I want to put snacks in my pockets. On the rare occasion that our pants do have the ability to hold our belongings, the pockets are so small that we can hardly put anything in them! Excuse me, pant-making companies, phones are not that small. I need more space.

If you believe that men and women have equal rights. Then clearly you haven’t met a women’s pocket.

You know a long long time ago, some one maybe churning butter (coz maybe thats what they did long long time ago) thought “Hey!!!you know what?!?women don’t need to carry things”,

And now I am here in 2019.. I need to carry a phone, keys,chapstick, tissues,sanitary pads and 100 years of oppression.

Seriously on the list of things that annoy the crap out of me women’s pockets are at the top.

They are so small and so useless they make no sense. Not to mention things that are specifically designed for women don’t even fit into women’s pockets.

And don’t even get me started on the fake pockets. You know what I am talking about the pockets that look like pockets but are not pockets.🙄

This what the rappers should be rapping about. Not about your money or your girls. Coz that’s real privilege you have.

If you’re still wondering why we are making a big deal about something that might seem inconsequential, this issue runs deep, just as a good pocket should.

There is an under the table sexism going on, which is not acknowledged by many. It’s so subtle, that you won’t even know until you have been in the situation.

We love pockets,

Random person:”Hey that’s a really nice dress!”

Me: “Thanks it has pockets!”

*then I will put my hands in my pockets and show them*

Women get excited about pockets, especially if they are in a dress, and I think I know why. We are deprived of pockets in our day-to-day lives. Deprived of a small fabric sewn into the top of our jeans. It may sound so silly, but it isn’t. This is a real issue that women face every single day.

With love and peace




I am gonna be very honest with you.. i havent been able to write in a while coz I am busy and going through some tough times. It’s mentally, emotionally and physically overwhelming. And as a result I am finding myself unhappy sometimes.

And because I want to try and not feel unhappy I have decided to analyse my feelings and write them not only on the hopes of making you feel better but kinda to make my self feel better too.
And I hope by the end of this, we all can smile together.

Are you ready?? it’s honesty hour. Let’s go.

Expect to control people and situations.. i find myself expecting people to do certain things for me. But what I truly need to remember even though it’s really hard to accept is that we will never be able to control people and certain situations.
I mean let’s be real.. if you could control people you would be dating your celebrity crush and living on a yacht . Are you living on a yacht.. I don’t think so.. and if you really are then…… why you reading this???? Go play on your Iphone X. #lol

The reality is you will never control people and situations no matter how hard you try and it’s okay to have expectations of people and if you have expectations people will not always full fill them and there is nothing you can do about it. The only thing you will ever be able to control in this world is how you react. So make sure your react game is on point.

The next thing we do is compare our selves to others.. And specially in today’s day and age this is the fault of social media coz it’s so easy to go through Facebook and envy everybody else but what you need to remember is that we as humans have the tendency to compare peoples “high-light reel” to our “blooper-reel”
No one’s life is as wonderful as it seems on social media and how do I know this. Coz my life is not nearly as wonderful as my Instagram makes it seem. I know I put 3 filters on my pics and so do you and so does everybody else.
Everyone has their own path coz everyone is different. And in a world where there are 7 billion people it’s stupid to think that everyone’s gonna get from A to B while using the same road. It’s just not gonna happen and not to mention there are a lot of people not even trying to get to B. They are chilling over there at W. Look how many people are on this planet and everyone is so different where it doesn’t even make sense to compare each other.

I suck at somethings and I am good at somethings…you suck at something and you are good at somethings. This is everyone’s story. #realtalk

The next thing we all do is view mistakes and hard times negatively.

Okay.. here’s a scenario.. how do you know when not to touch the stove when it’s hot.. a) may be your parents warned you not to. b) going back to (a) but you did it anyway and burnt your self and now you know if you touch it… it’s gonna hurt. But how would you know that if you dint burn yourself in the first place. As humans we learn through mistakes.

How do you know how to walk??? when you were a toddler you fell on your butt a couple hundred times. Now that concept doesnt change over time from the moment you were born to the moment you will die.

You will always learn things coz you messed things up.. or someone hurt you.. you don’t believe me. Okay!! Just look back into your life and think about every lesson you ever learned. I can guarantee that the lesson is founded over a strong mistake that you did or a heart ache or a bunch of other sad things.
If you have learned how to be positive because at once you were negative.

So when you make a mistake,you fail or are heart broken… yea cry be sad about it. That’s okay. But also be 10% happy coz this is going to teach you something amazing that will help you in the future. There is always a huge silver linning to everything.

In all the chaos of life and mess we tend to forget our closest friend. And who is our closest friend…’I..Me..Myself’

Now the way I see it.. people are wonderful. People are like the cherries on top of the already delicious sundae. They are bonus. But the person you should be relying the most in your life is YOU. Why you ask??? Simply because no one knows you better than you know your self. No one can read your mind. No one knows your greatest fears. No one can hear all the little voices in your head. And for that reason no one can be a better friend to you then you. It’s Important to talk to yourself.. love yourself. Be your own friend. Be on the same page as your self. Have your own back. Coz no matter how popular you are in your work place or your friends circle or your family.. But at some point in your life you will find your self alone in a room feeling super lonely and It’s in your best interest to be friends with the only person in that room.😉

With Love and Peace

The Glamorous Life!

I live in Dubai, my life is glamorous, and I work in fashion.

these are 2 truths and a lie

Take a guess?

Well, I do work in fashion, and I do live in Dubai, but my life is anything but glamorous.

I make just enough that i don’t even have savings, my parents do not help me out (unlike a lot of young people working in fashion), and I work as close to almost 100 hours a week as physically possible. I am never not working, I am constantly on emails, checking new trends..

When I first got into the industry.. it was such a dream come true… as huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S….. I thought this is it. This is my Rachel moment. I would be shopping for a living!!! Oh the Glam!

I was soon to realise it’s not all glitz and glam. If you want to work in the retail industry then you will need to get really competitive. There is a lot more to it than just shopping for a living.

It’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as the fate of the business can hinge on you picking the right products, merchandising them correctly and managing the stores well enough to keep the customers coming back for more.

The world of retail is very tough at the moment and you are expected to buy in and manage the products and stock levels, maintain your margins and basically make sure that people want to spend their hard earned money on our product.

We look for new colours coming through as well as new styles and fabrics that have reacted well with our customers.
As we are a fast fashion brand, we follow our customers lead and react quickly on new information on sales.

Every fashion season brings its share of highs and lows, There is a very thin line between genius and insanity, and designers must walk that line each season and display their creations for all to view, critic and hopefully buy, so that their dreams remain alive. i.e make it from the meeting room to production and sales!

It takes nerves of steel and uncommon confidence to stomach this level of rejection periodically and still consistently persevere in the quest of creation, offering new styles every season. I respect that. #yaydesignteam

For the creative genius that I got to experience firsthand that has woven itself into my tapestry, that insanity lives somewhere within me, and every season as I watch the collections.

As a buyer I should have a keen eye for commercial styles and always hunt for winning lines. We have to be confident and knowledgeable in future trends.. colours..fabrics and have a business mind.

In terms of actual technical ability you have to be balanced between arts and science. You have to have a strong sense of numbers and you have got to have a good eye. You have got to be creative one In the absence of the other makes you a lopsided buyer. But the other thing that i think is important is your confidence. It’s an industry that has a lot of opinions, a lot of people and so much of what you are doing is looking at a product and saying ‘is this good or not?’ So it’s gut, it’s eye and if you are not confident in yourself and in the opinion of what you are doing you are going to get lost. It’s definitely not an industry made up of wall flowers.

While there are some definite perks to the job, and I would consider some of the events I get to go to and people I get to meet “glamorous,” I more often than not feel like the odd duck out in my industry. Like I said before, a lot of people working in fashion have some form of help coming from family members, and it’s not unusual to have coworkers whose entire rent is being paid for by their parents. This isn’t universal, but it’s enough of a phenomenon that it makes me feel self-conscious, and for someone who grew up dreaming of working in fashion from the bedroom of her normal, middle-class home, it’s enough to make you consider giving up the industry entirely, even though I know I never will, because I truly do feel passionate about what I do.

the thrill I’ve gotten from seeing one of my own selections perform well in stores is unmatched by anything I’ve experienced. Feeling that rush of “I know what looks good, and what people like” is enormous. I don’t know if I could ever give it up.

It is my belief that fashion shouldn’t overwhelm, your clothes shouldn’t overshadow your presence, because when it comes to creativity, you showing up as the best version of yourself, is always more than enough.

With Love and Peace

Eid Al Adha

Well its literally been a minute and a half since i published my last post.

But it’s Eid!!!!!🌜🐑🎊

Eid al-Adha Mubarak!

May all your selfies be on point.😜 #lol

So I remember my mom telling me the story of why we sacrifice this EID. So I am going to run down my memory lane and share this with you guys as well.😊

Thousands of years ago, Mecca valley was quite a deserted place, unsuitable for any habitation. By Allahs command, Prophet Ibraham (as) moved to Mecca with his wife Hajra and son Ismail(as).

Later he left his family to the deserted valley and returned to Cannan.
His family willingly agreed to stay in the desert by surrendering themselves to the Almighty Allah.

It became very tough to live for Hajra and Ismail(as) in the desert with very limited food and water.

And as expected one day the ration was over.

Hajra and Ismail (as) were exhausted with dehydration. They were wandering in the desert in quest of water, but never breaking their trust in Allah.

The time came when she coudnt take it anymore and collapsed and prayed for help.

And at the time Allah commanded Angel Jabriel to strok the earth and miraculously water sprang from the dry chest of the desert. This water source, known as Zamzam Well, became not only source of living for Hajra and Ismail (as) but also a life saviour for travellers passing through Mecca.

After years, Prophet Ibrahim, on instruction of Allah, returned to Mecca and constructed, near Zamzam Well, a worship place known as Kaaba.

In one of the main trials of his life, Prophet Ibraham, in his dream, was asked by Allah to sacrifice his that time only son, just 13 years old Ismail (as).

Prophet Ibraham told this incident to his son. Ismail (as) without any hesitation agreed to sacrifice his life, showing belief in Allah.

Satan tried to dissuade Prophet Ibrahim to go against Allah’s command. But Prophet Ibrahim drove away Satan by throwing pebbles at it.

Finally when Prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son Ismail, Allah intervened and called out to Prophet stating that his sacrifice was already accepted and he no more needed to sacrifice Ismail instead he could sacrifice a Dumba (a kind of sheep).

Hajj and its rites were first ordained by Allah in the time of the Prophet lbrahim .

After building the Kaba, Prophet Ibrahim would come to Makkah to perform Hajj every year, and after his death, this practice was continued by his son.

However, gradually with the passage of time, both the form and the goal of the Hajj rites were changed.

This continued for nearly two and a half thousand years. But then after this long period, the time came for the supplication of Prophet Ibrahim to be answered:

“Our Lord! Send amongst them a Messenger of their own, who shall recite unto them your aayaat (verses) and instruct them in the book and the Wisdom and sanctify them. Verily you are the ‘Azeezul-Hakeem [the All-Mighty, the All-Wise].”
[Surah Al-Baqarah 2:129]

Sure enough, a man by the name of Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullaah (prophet Muhammad saw) was born in the very city that Prophet Ibrahim had made this supplication centuries earlier.

In this way, all the pre-Islamic practices, which were based on ignorance, were abolished and Hajj was once more made a model of piety, fear of Allah, purity, simplicity and austerity

Today Mecca is thriving city and Kaaba is the most religious gathering place.

This day teaches us lesson of ultimate sacrifice of our most valuable possession to show our love and trust in The Almighty Allah. It also symbolizes willingly donation of our important means to others in order to strengthen relationships and friendships and to take care of needy and poor. Let’s celebrate the festival of sacrifice by vowing to make our lives meaningful and useful to others.

Wish you all “Eid Mubarak”

With love and Peace

What will people say?!?!

Have your dreams ever been shattered?? Were you stopped from studying your fav subject?? Were you forced into engineering, medical or accounting as carreers?

If yes.. Congratulations👏🎊🎉… you have been a victim of ‘ What will people say?’ 🤣

This sentence has killed more dreams than anything else in this world. #fact

First of all… Who are these people?? Where do they come from??? And why are they so interested in my life??

“Omg.. did you see these girls.. they are in their 20s and 30s and Not yet married.” *tsk tsk*
“Who will marry them now??”

If you grew up in an Asian household, you must have heard some kind of variant of “what will people say?” at least once in your life.

Maybe when you decided to pursue Fashion? Or the time you decided to go abroad for grad school? Or the time you told your parents you didn’t want to get married any time soon?

People are more worried about what others think. They feel their reputations rest on others’ opinions of the women folk in their family.

Yes, honour rests wholly on the shoulders of wives and daughters. So they must live their lives being careful that no person has a negative opinion about them. It’s an invisible prison made of strangers’ character evaluations of you.

Can you imagine living your life being told you must bend and sneeze and walk and please according to the whims of others? Maybe a lot of us can…

BUT I am done with it.

I propose a radical change in the usage of this much despised phrase.

Make this world a place where chasing your dreams doesn’t raise eyebrows, but holding back someone from doing so does. Where being yourself is no one’s concern, but hindering someone from being their true self is. Where the people as a collective, look out for each other’s well being instead of weighing them down with the chains of societal norms and expectations.

It’s your life ,don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way.

We have to come to a realisation that we cannot make everyone happy. We ain’t a jar of Nutella!! 😜

With Love & Peace
– Asma


The perception of Islam, at times, is painfully distorted. Sometimes, a selective and unfamiliar aspect of a particular Muslim country’s social behaviour is projected as if it were a universally practiced tradition of Islam.

Islam isn’t reserved for the pious. For those who pray, fast and donate. For those who outwardly comply with what a Muslim “should” look like. It’s for the broken too. For the sinners. For the drinkers. For the smokers. For the lost. For those waiting to be found. It’s for every single human soul waiting for a way out of their despair. Don’t make this religion secluded to the self righteous, when in reality it’s open house for anyone seeking to find themselves and Allah.

I wish it was easy to make people understand that Islam is not about halal vs haram, it’s a way of life that revolves around goodness of the heart and having pure intentions. And our mission in life as muslims is not solely to put a hijab on and pray 5 times a day but to simply be kind righteous people who spread peace, forgiveness, love, justice where ever we are.

With Love & Peace

Morning Routine!!

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to my summer 2018 morning routine. 🙂

So 1st thing I do is wake up in a PANIC COZ MY ALARM IS SO DAMN LOUD. ⏰

Press snooze.. do it again! Press snooze do it again! Press snooze..do it again! Press snooze…do it again! Press snooze..do it again!

Pressing snooze 15 times followed by 10 mins of lying in bed thinking of how tired I am another 5 of thinking about how to get mega rich in 3 days.. #lol #truestory

Convince myself I can do things faster. Doing fast maths in my head like it’s gonna take me 7 mins to get dressed and get out and 10 mins to reach work. Perfect!!! I can sleep more. 🤗

Think to myself I don’t even need to do other things. Like I don’t need to do make up…I can go with the all natural look.😀

Then panic more coz holy crap..i really need to wake up..andddddd…..sleep for 5 for mins… Tell myself.. Yes… just these 5 mins.. and then….i don’t know how but some Harry potter shit happens and it’s 7 am and i am late.

Finally i get up.. brush.. just enough.. wash my face.. do other morning things😛

Try to do literally anything with my hair coz it’s just gonna end up in a bun with layers of fabric #hijablife

Promise myself to take better care of my hair… **spoileralert** I won’t. #greaseballforlife

Open my closet full of clothes and still think to myself I don’t have anything to wear.

Look at the time. Panic some more and literally grab anything which doesn’t need ironing and hope for the best.

Moisturize only exposed areas (face,hands,feet)😜

Look at the time again.. oh crap…no time for make up.. so just put a lip gloss to bring my look together 💄🤗

Notice my zits and promise myself to drink more water today. **spoileralert** I won’t. #fail

Look myself in the Mirror and think I look kinda cute for a few seconds so i try to take an #Ootd but then I remember….my mirror is too dirty and also…..I actually don’t look that great. 😣

Suddenly i get anxiety and think of irrational things completely out of my control. ‘What if nobody likes me’ wait.. ‘am I ugly?’ ‘ do people talk about me behind my back?’…..

I try to change that with self positive thoughts. ‘You are a strong independent woman. You are (eyes meet the clock) Lateeee…..’ Rush out of my house.

Come back coz I forgot to take breakfast. Grab a banana and think that will do..

Run to your car.. get stuck in traffic.. reach at work dot 8:00 am #nailedit

With Love and Peace
– Asma