This Ramadan came the quickest and left the the quickest.

It feels just like it started the other day. And left us so soon, I was just not ready for that kind of heart break.

It really is sad that Ramadan has ended. May Allah accept all our fasts and make us witness the next Ramadan.

After Ramadan comes Eid with all its glory and hapiness.🎉🎊

But if my skin allergies don’t clear up. Then Eid at my house will officially be cancelled.😑 #justkidding. I can’t cancel Eid. That’s the only time I get Eidi.

Shopping for Eid actually is so stressfull that you end up buying 2-3 outfits and then decide in the morning what to wear.

But Sometimes that also doesn’t work out like How dare this outfit I planned in my head not look good. Disrespectful as hell.#lol

When you wake up on Eid day and start eating, it feels so wrong and confusing & The first breakfast you have after Ramadan feels sooo haram.

Also it doesn’t feel like Eid if you don’t have sheerkhurma for breakfast.

So you legit dress up in your Eid outfit to just sit at home on your sofa.And the the kids that come to visit for Eid have a better phone than you and end up getting more Eidi.😑 #firstworldproblems

Oh and it’s the worse when the aunties don’t give you Eidi coz you have become old. I mean  I really need it now more than I did when i was a kid. #justsaying

Your mom talking to distant relatives on the phone and saying “She is right here.do you want to talk to her”.”why you doing this to me please don’t do this.”

And then the moment of extreme helplessness arrives when your mom asks you to give company to your relatives😢 like NO please. I can’t do this.

You know the Eid biryani was so good that you can’t even move after eating. #blessed

So the plans for Eid are to travel to YouTube then Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and landing on Netflix.

Alhumdullilah 25 hand shakes. Almost 60 hugs and AED 15 Eidi. #stillcounting

Eid Mubarak!💛😊

With Love & Peace

– Asma


Woman’s rights!!

It’s a very common thing for men.

They think our ideas sound so much better when they rephrase it and present it as their own.😑 (I am not saying all men are like that.)

Feminism isn’t about making woman stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

You are a woman in a man’s world, Lifting the weight of your dreams with your hands that according to some people are incapable of doing anything.

I often get asked by people “why you such a feminist??Islam has given all the rights to a woman”

Yes, I agree Islam has given all the rights to woman but it’s high time you muslim men Implement it, and not just for your convenience!!

Just because you are a man doesn’t make you superior to anyone.

Islam teaches us equal rights for men and women both.

If your version of me respecting you involves me disrespecting myself, then you can go.

Oppressed, inferior, and unequal – for many people, these are the first words that come to mind when thinking about women in Islam. These stereotypes confuse Islam with cultural practices and fail to recognize that Islam has empowered women with the most progressive rights since the 7th century.

Our beloved prophet Muhammad’s wife Khadijah was a wealthy, successful, independent, well-renowned businesswoman in Makkah.

She was actually Muhammad (saw)’s BOSS, which is how they got acquainted in the first place. After they were married, she continued her business, and after Muhammad (saw) became a Prophet, she used her profession to finance the cause of Islam.

She was no joke. She was no fluke. She was, and the Prophet repeatedly tells us this, one of the ideal Muslim women of all time. She is legit our Queen. She proposed marriage to our prophet.

Let’s not forget that. In the modern world, she is still our Inspiration and role model.

Islam honored women in society by elevating them and protecting them with unprecedented rights. Islam gave women the right to education, to marry someone of their choice, to retain their identity after marriage, to divorce, to work, to own and sell property, to seek protection by the law, to vote, and to participate in civic and political engagement.

Islam empowers woman with honor and dignity. Don’t settle for anything less.

With Love and Peace

Let the real games begin!!

Gather around people. Let’s all play a game of Millennial monopoly the rules are pretty simple, you start with no money, you can’t afford anything. The board is on fire for some reason and everything is your fault.

If we ever want to have a serious conversation with someone.. All society hears is social media, smart phone, social media, smart phone, Social media,smart phone, social media, smart phone, social media, smart phone, social media, smart phone, Social media, social media, social media, social media, social media

Millennials are commonly defined as being the generation from 1987 to 1997. So right now the millennials are between the ages of 20 to 30.

Millennials are currently the largest population and historically the most educated generation. #fact

The job hunt has become the millennial version of the hunger games without the cameras or any interaction with celebrity attention.#lol

Many want to blame millennials on the fact that we are entitled and lazy, sure we have things to improve upon as we reset our expectations and timeline.

When I look at millennials. I don’t see a generation entitled to success. We are obsessed with it. And for good reasons.

We don’t know how to fail. And even when we do fail we’re pretty sure we actually won. We grew up in a competitive, bell curve, wait list society. Fighting for a spot on the team, in a school, at a job, for the win. We don’t want blue ribbons because we feel entitled to them. We want them because we have been in a cage match to win them our entire lives. Now the stakes to win those blue ribbons are slightly higher.

We aren’t dumb, we are adaptable. But adapting to a messed up world, messes you up. Whether you remain functional or not.

They love complaining about millennials, yet we are the ones who had to try to break into the work force during/post recession. We had to find our own way because the last generation failed us miserably. But please go on about Millennials.

I have been denied a job which I am fully qualified for just because I wear a scarf, look too young, don’t have 5 years experience for a entry level job, look confident, demand a reasonable salary, require visa(Need to be on father or husband visa) i am over qualified… the list just goes on

Yes yes.. you read that right. Living in a Muslim country and being denied a job because you wear a Head scarf . Well done world. WELL DONE.👏👏👏 Go take a corner seat.

Sometimes I don’t feel like getting out of bed but then I don’t have a choice, we need to work twice as hard just to get a seat at the table.

As a women of color, being petite, wearing a head scarf & coming under the bracket of Millennials its twice as hard for me to prove my self to the world or be taken seriously.

Nobody takes you seriously and Instantly judges you for your capabilities and have the lowest of expectations.😑

Remember when we wanted to be adults so bad. Now just look at us. Just look.

I am tired. I am broke. I am adulting.

With Love & Peace
– Asma

Labelling Modest Fashion?

It’s ramadan season in the fashion world as well.

Where ever you go there is a Ramadan collection or a modest collection to please you.

If you know me,you know shopping is my cardio.

My walk of shame is going back for a shopping cart after realizing I can’t carry 12 items in my arms through the store.

But even though I have spent all day at the mall, couldn’t find a decent modest outfit.🤔

Modest wear may be different from person to person. What is modest for me may not be modest for you.

There is still a foginess around what it means to be a modest dresser.

Modest fashion can describe varying degrees of covering up on purpose. The decision can be due to religio-ethenic fullfillment or to attain a certain aesthetic and a level of ease or simply coz you want to dress modest.

International brands have picked up on this trend and have created collections catering to modest woman Brands such as DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, D&G, Zara, Mango, H&M, New Look, forever 21 etc

But everywhere you go it’s a line of lacey traditional jalabiya’s or kaftans labelled as modest wear.

Modest dressers don’t necessarily come form Arab or Asian decent. So why is modest wear associated so much with culture?

We are all too familiar with this concept and we know this is easily available in the local markets but the high street brands would charge us double the price and yet it has nothing special.

I wonder how it goes down at their back office “Let’s include a jaqaurd fabric in the Ramadan collection, oh even better let’s make a kaftan out of it” #nailedit 😒

I mean if you want to do it. Do it right, don’t just half ass it. It looks like they are not consulting anyone who actually knows and leads a modest lifestyle.

Fashion conscious muslim women in the form of bloggers, designers & stylist have been taking center stage for a good few years showing that modesty and fashion can coincide with faith.

But with barely a nod of applaud or recognition until these high street brands put a stamp on a very traditional middle Eastern style and claim it’s originality. #notimpressed

All we need is you to add some length to the skirts and sleeves and make the tops long enough for it to cover the bare minimum.

The maxi dress looks great.. yayye I found something… only to realise it’s backless😑

I mean if you can make a shirt that I don’t have to wear with another shirt. That’d be great👍

If you can find for me any modest dress that doesn’t need layering or alterations, that’s gonna be a keeper.

And If I had a dollar for each time I picked up a maxi skirt only to realise it has long slits at the side😤

Modest fashion shoudnt even be labelled. It should seamlessly be intergrated into the industry.

With love and peace

– Asma

What is Ramadan?

Ahh Ramadan..!! An old friend

Satan pulling a (infinity war spoiler) Peter Parker on us

Waking up for suhoor and sitting at the table for 5 mins wondering what’s going on..

Going back to sleep after fajr and then waking up dazed again in an hour to go to work.

Trying to keep a straight face with the constant headache you are having

Pleasantly replying to awkward social questions..how’s fasting going? Etc etc

People asking can we eat in front of you? And me replying to them for the 100th time, it’s okay.. you eating will not break my fast. Please eat to your hearts content.

Walking in the heat while the sun glares straight in your eyes .

Driving in the heat while your hands burn with the hot steering wheel.

And the seasonal allergies flare up at the right time.

Then you about to drink some water and suddenly remember you are fasting

Seeing yourself in the mirror without fixing your hijab after a long time and thinking “how long? How long have I been this ugly??”😣

Waking up from a nap and feeling confused wether it’s day or night..

Reading Quran❤

Counting time until seconds for maghrib (iftar time)

Opening your fast with dates, mom shoving fruits on your plate and you reaching out for the chai and samosas instead.

Socializing at family friends iftar where you are too young for the adults and too old to be chilling with the kids so you just awkwardly sit.

Meeting weird aunties at taraweeh (night prayers) who think it’s okay to question your personal life, so you are about to give a sarcastic comment but then decide against it as their brain won’t understand your elite humor.

Forgetting which Rakah you are on during taraweeh 😣

The blissfull feeling after Taraweeh prayer😇

Ramadan with its dates and fruits and family re unions and taraweeh and smell of samosas and peaceful days and calm nights with friends and suhoor and iftar and charity and forgiveness and love and hapiness is a whole mood! ^_^

With Love & Peace

– Asma

Curiosity breeds Curiosity!!!

Curiosity is the essence of human existence. The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, Explore it, Poke at it, Question it & turn it inside out.

Curiosity Breeds Curiosity!

As a Muslim woman, I had my share of questions regarding my religion, my culture and my so called “oppression”. Through my years of adulthood, the questions I receive range from curious, really-want-to-know to offensive ones; some of these questions are not intentionally offensive but asked in a very rude way that reflects the general main-streamed stereotype about Muslim women.
A Muslim woman, whether she wears the head scarf or not, will be subjected to various judgmental questions;

How come you are a Muslim and stylish?
“ Thank you. I Dint know being stylish was only for 1 caste or religion. But hey, if you want to know more about my outfit you can check out my IG 😋” ( Subtle promotion!! Subtlety is a favourite art of mine 😉)

Do you sleep with the hijab on?
“OMG yes, how did you know. I also have this special hijab that comes with a pillow attached to it. its the most comfortable thing ever!! You should try it.”

Do you shower with the hijab on?
“Yes Girl! I wear hijab in the shower. I also use Hijab & shoulders to make it silky, shiny & flowy“

What’s under your hijab?
“Umm.. lets see maybe I am just possessed by ‘VOLDEMORT’ & he is hiding at the back of my hijab”

Why do you cover?
“I keep it covered because there’s literally a black hole on top of my head”

Don’t you get hot?

“No, I have an air-conditioning system under my hijab!! Thanks for your concern”

Is your hijab water proof?
“OMG.. how did you know??”

Do you speak Muslim?
“Great..Now you know about our secret code language”

Do you ever feel like dressing like a normal person?
“isn’t this Normal!! (Shocked for life!!)”

All jokes aside, Please see a muslim woman beyond her covering, you never know you may find her interesting.She could be Funny, kind, have a good heart, be witty, intelligent, have good opinions, thoughts… she is also a human being just like you.

The people asking these questions are educated with university degrees and not ignorant. They don’t lack the ability to read and educate themselves about Muslim women if they want to know.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with people asking questions, i would love to talk more about my religion and explain about the higher status of Woman in Islam and much more. but I do have a problem with the accusations, judgment and discrimination that comes instead.

Let’s all be considerate when we are talking to people and it would never hurt to do some research and reading or even ask Politely if you are curious about something. I promise i will give proper answers 😊✌🏼

With Love & Peace

– Asma

Don’t Judge a Woman by her Cover

We all do it. We can’t help it. We are predominantly visual creatures.

Funny how society says don’t judge a book by its cover and then turn around and judges a woman by her cover.

As some one who wears the head scarf I know what it’s like to be judged by the clothes I wear.

People have this sense of entitlement and think they can tell us what we should wear and what we shouldn’t.

When people try to liberate you by restricting your right to wear what you want! (rolling eyes)

“why are you wearing it?”

Umm, coz I want to.

“Hijab should not be fashionable”

Dint know wearing a coloured hijab would throw me in hell. Thank you for your enlightenment.

“you don’t dress like a Muslim”

I am sorry I don’t live up to your standard’s of Muslim.

“You should wear headscarf only if you wear a burkha” “you are not wearing it right,Take it off”

Thank you for taking this decision as I am incapable of deciding anything for my self😑

These are some questions that i have to deal with on a regular basis.

Let me tell you all, no one has the right to tell me how to dress and what I should wear.(I mean except if it’s a fashion magazine,then I am all for it.)😉

Hijab is usually described as a head scarf worn by women. However the proper meaning of hijab is not just the head scarf, but also loosely fitted attire which cloaks the shape of a woman’s body.

Someone who doesn’t wear a hijab is not any less Muslim then someone who wears it.
Something as trivial as a head scarf can’t determine the faith one has towards Allah.

Every woman is struggling in one way or the other. Trust me in this world of Kardashians it’s difficult to make your own mark. And on top of that instead of encouraging one another we don’t even think twice before tearing each other down.

Everyone wearing a hijab is struggling with it in some way or the other. We don’t know their personal struggles. How can we consider anyone to be any less of a muslim than a person wearing a complete Burkha/Niqab.

You don’t need to be wearing a Burkha or niqab to feel closer to Allah. It’s what is in the interior that matters rather than the exterior.

In a nutshell, just wearing a hijab doesn’t determine how good a muslim you are. Someone who doesn’t wear one might just beat you to it.

The judgement based on someone’s outlook has been going on for quite some time.It’s time we get rid of the prejudice and move on.

I guess what I am trying to say is let’s learn to accept people by who they really are and not on how they look.

A women wearing a head scarf, hijab, Burkha,niqab are facing their own struggles. Let’s encourage rather than discourage.

#a_hijablife #hijablife

With love and peace

– Asma